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Amanda Brunelle, Owner, LMT, Reiki Master


Amanda has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2011 and Reiki Master since 2016.  She is one of the TOP TEN Massage Therapists in Fargo according to  She specializes in Migraine Relief, Therapeutic Massage, Energy Therapy and Young Living essential oils.  Amanda takes time with each client to find out their specific needs and explains how massage can help their wellbeing. She is VERY passionate about helping people feel their best and believes "Nobody should have to live in pain!" Trust us, as highly trained Massage Therapists for Massage in Fargo and Massage in West Fargo you will feel right at home here!

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Amy Wasvick, LMT


Amy is a 2009 graduate from Sister Rosalind Gefre. She has spent 10 years practicing Massage arts.

Over the years Amy has studied Swedish, Structural Analysis, Hydrotherapy, Pregnancy, Essential oils, Cupping, Reiki and energy balancing therapies.  

Amy's belief is that our bodies are designed to heal themselves. However over time, this ability can become stagnated as we incur minor or major trauma.  Her goal is to facilitate the release of these blockages through eclectic techniques. She has presented educational workshops to a variety of people on health and wellness. One of her passions is to research different modalities to ensure she is bringing innovative ideas to her clients. 

Her mission is to strengthen the mind body connection and help create a deeper sense of awareness. Amy truly enjoys facilitating your personal goals towards wellness, empowerment and improvement. 

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Brook Luchau, LMT


 Brook is a  graduate of Josef's West Academy. She specializes in deep tissue, therapeutic massage, pregnancy massage, hot stone therapy, aromatherapy, and special population massage. 

She strives to make sure everyone that comes to her feels amazing when they walk out the door. Through special population massage she hopes to make the massage world more inclusive to those with disabilities as well. She is so excited to spread the healing that massage has to offer! 

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Spirit Zuber, LMT, Healing Artist


Greetings, my name is Spirit Zuber. I am a Love Radiator, Healing Artist, and Entrepreneur of Harmonious Living. My journey in the Healing Arts began with myself in 1998. Due to chronic pain, I began learning tools to help heal myself. Knowing first-hand the ability to heal myself, I want to share the tools I have learned with individuals who are seeking healing, knowing, and understanding of their own healing abilities.  Integrated into who I am, my ability to intuit and channel has developed over the years and been applied to many healing sessions. My goal is to apply a Healing Arts Service that will help an individual thrive in life. I offer the following Healing Arts Services: Qigong Energy Balancing Session, Five Elements Coaching and Qigong Energy Balancing Session, Wallace Method (a system of unwinding and stretching), Raindrop Therapy, Spring Forest Qigong, and Meditation Facilitation. My motto is, “The truth of life is love.”

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