Healing Touch


Nancy Ruud


Nancy is an RN, certified in Advanced Holistic Nursing. She is passionate about supporting people to achieve their highest level of health through engaging in self-reflection and self-care, including incorporating complimentary integrative therapies that best support health and living your best life . Nancy is a Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch and Reiki practitioner who incorporates elements of these energy modalities into her sessions, tailoring each session to the unique needs of the individual. Nancy also is a yoga instructor and national board certified health and wellness coach.  She looks forward to helping support your health through energy based therapies.


Healing Touch/Reiki


$60/ hr session





Healing Touch is an energy based therapeutic approach that uses a collection of energy based treatment modalities, including touch and non-touch techniques. The goal is to restore balance to activate the body’s natural healing ability.  Reiki is an ancient form of healing used to also support, re-balance and re-boost energy to support overall well-beings. Possible effects from treatments may include relaxation, improved sleep, reduced muscle tension, stress, anxiety and pain.