Energy Therapy by Megan


Megan Rae Theisen, MS, BF, Accountability Coach

Seeking questions of the universe and the integrity of society since childhood, Megan has long been on a spiritual journey. Why were people so angry? What is beyond this universe? Why does time matter so much? Why was there an emphasis on these seemingly insignificant things when a majority of people are suffering? No adult could explain any of this, not even in the pursuit of a graduate degree in Human Development. 

Fast-forward to 2009 when Depression, Anxiety and having the need to sleep 16+ hours a day ended up being her turning point. Prescription medications only did so much and always made things worse. Believing everything that society taught didn’t work for her anymore so she sought alternative methods. Discovering the healing power of Angels through the work of Doreen Virtue and self-empowerment through Access Consciousness ( that her life started to REALLY change.

Having gratitude for these life experiences and the opportunity to find avenues of empowerment, Megan is honored to share all of this with the world. She provides various energy healing sessions combining her academic training, esoteric knowledge and extensive training with Access Consciousness. This includes Access Bars, Crystal Chakra Alignment, Heart Energy Opening & Alignment and other various body sessions that energetically shift things. She also provides coaching sessions to ‘unstick’ you in areas of your life that are not working (this is the accountability coaching piece).

If you would like to experience what else could be possible in changing your life or body.  701.306.5123

“The Bars”

A form of energy work (an Access Consciousness ody process), this light touch on your head allows you to let go of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and judgements that limit you. It’s like hitting the delete button on your computer. 

60 minute $75

3 sessions $180

Crystal Chakra Alignment

Using various crystals, this process integrates your body, mind, soul and spirituality. Sometimes we do not feel connected to being here on earth and being present. This is a re-connection to our bodies, the earth, our spirituality and our truth. 

30 minutes $45

3 sessions $110

Heart Opening & Alignment

What if unconditional love is all we need to change things in our lives? This process will assist in connecting to that divine source of unconditional love—that space where we can be at ease with ourselves, our life and others. 

30 minutes $45

3 sessions $110

MTVSS -Immune System Enhancement

A form of energy work, MTVSS allows you to tap into your body’s innate healing ability (an Access Consciousness Body Process). It undoes different limitations put on the body that slows or stops that innate healing.

90 minutes $100

3 sessions $250

Body Process Session

Depending upon what is going on in your body, we will assess and come up with a plan to what would best suit you. Ear issues? Eye issues? Headaches? Stress? Chronic pain? Sleep issues? Anything else...this is an individually based session which accommodates that which is going on in the moment with you…

60 minutes $75

90 minutes $100

3- 60 minute sessions $180

Star Seed Coaching

Do you feel like you are different? Do you feel like you don’t belong? In this session we will explore what is actually true for you. What if what is true for you, is something that is totally different than what society tells you? You will also receive tools to navigate what can seem like a harsh reality in which we live. 

60 minutes $100

90 minuteminutes $150